Spicy Salt
Submitted by Laurel


3 medium ghost peppers

1 1/2 cups of Sea Salt


*It is recommended that rubber gloves be worn when handling the peppers*

  1.  Remove stems from the peppers
  2.  Place peppers in a blender and blend until fine.  Be very cautious when opening the lid of the blender as the  heat of the peppers can hit you in the face!
  3.  In a clean jar, mix peppers and salt.  Shake!
  4.  Shake daily to help distribute the salt.  You will notice that a liquid forms in the salt.  You can continue to add salt until the liquid is absorbed.

The salt absorbs all of the heat from the peppers.  This is fantastic since the salt will dissolve into whatever you cook and spread the heat through the dish without dramatically changing the flavour.  Enjoy!